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VOM Poland Director Rev. Maciej Wilkosz visits Korea to share his research on similarities between North Korean and Polish history, culture, and Christian independence movement leadership. He advocates this “Polish Christian strategy” for North Korean independence from communism and explains how the Polish government, churches, and medical community will partner through Voice of the Martyrs with North Korean defector Christians to work together for true national change for North Korea based on Poland’s experience.

Germany is the country most frequently referred to as a model for Korean unification. But according to the Rev. Maciej Wilkosz, director of Voice of the Persecuted Christians and one of Poland’s most respected North Korean analysts, Poland itself provides a much more appropriate model for North Korean independence from communist oppression.

Rev. Wilkosz grew up under communism in Poland, and he recalls as a young boy watching the television in stunned happiness as Soviet troops peacefully retreated from Poland and East Germany. This experience has led to a lifetime interest of study on the role Christians play in liberation from communist oppression. He lectured on the subject for Christians under communism in Vietnam, but it is North Korea that holds his strongest interest. “Few people realize the strong parallels between Poland and North Korea, not only in recent communist history, but in culture and religion overall. Especially for Korean Christians, Poland presents important lessons and insights that can be powerfully applied to advance the liberty of the North Korean people.”

Rev. Wilkosz will be lecturing on this subject at Voice of the Martyrs’ Underground University, a missionary training school for North Korean defector Christians, on Saturday March 17. Though the lecture is not open to the general public, special invitations may be given to interested individuals who contact the Voice of the Martyrs office in advance.

Rev. Wilkosz also represents a coalition of Polish Christian government officials, churches, and medical personnel who will be partnering with North Korean defector Christians through Voice of the Martyrs to work together for true national change for North Korea based on Poland’s experience to apply the Polish Christian model to further North Korean independence from communist oppression. 

The Rev. Maciej Wilkosz Biography

The Rev. Maciej Wilkosz is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Voice of the Persecuted Christians, a Christian non-denominational ministry headquartered in Poland, which serves the persecuted followers of Christ worldwide as a part of the family of the Voice of the Martyrs missions. He is also the founder and senior pastor of the Assemblies of God Church located in Skoczow Poland. As a sought-after expert on the persecution of Christians, he regularly appears in the national media in Poland and works closely with Polish politicians.

He served as a missionary in Moscow, Russia in 1993 and 1994 and was involved in planting churches in the Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He travelled to multiple countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia to preach the Gospel and encourage church leaders with the Word of God.  He also runs a Christian publishing house and translated a number of books on Christian topics.

Rev. Wilkosz earned his Master of Arts in Leadership from Luther Rice College and Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia, and his Master of Education from Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland. He is an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God Church in Poland.

He is married to Irena who has faithfully served alongside him. They have two children, 18 and 10.