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A recent influx of Yemeni refugees to South Korea has sparked questions of how asylum seekers from the Middle East should be handled. Best-selling author on Muslim evangelism and Voice of the Martyrs Korea’s ministry partner, Pastor Tom Doyle, has experience with ministering to the Yemeni Muslims. He says that our Christian calling must overcome our nationalist concerns when thinking about how to respond to the Yemeni refugees.

As an American, Pastor Doyle fully understands how terrifying the refugee dilemma can be.

“If the South Korean people are anything like Americans,” Pastor Doyle says, “when immigration with people from Iraq, Syria, and North Africa started happening in our country, many people were nervous and concerned. ‘Will they be terrorists?’ ‘Will they try to kill us?’ … ‘Can our government even afford this?’ ‘Will they take our jobs?’”

As a pastor, however, Pastor Doyle feels like the church has a very important part to play in the lives of these refugees.

“I believe that it is the government’s job to root out the terrorists and the bad people and keep them from coming to our country,” Pastor Doyle says. “But our job as the Church is to fulfill the Great Commission and reach them with the gospel of Jesus.”

Pastor Doyle explains that, while frightening, the influx in Yemeni refugees is also a blessing.

“Yemen is a country that believers have been praying for the opportunity to reach for decades now,” Pastor Doyle says. “It’s a closed country. No Bibles are allowed. No house churches are allowed. But, by the grace of God, He has allowed 600 Yemenis to come to South Korea.”

“God can work anywhere and through anyone,” Voice of the Martyrs Korea board chair Hyun Sook Foley adds, “so it is a blessing that God has entrusted more than 600 Yemeni hearts to the Korean church.”

Pastor Doyle has spoken with Muslim refugees in Europe who left their faith and become followers of Jesus. He says each of these refugees had a similar story.

“They said the only people that were concerned about them as they went from their country through Europe were Christians.” Pastor Doyle explains. “And this changed their heart.”

He then adds, “One of these days, there’s going to be Yemenis in heaven because of your prayer, your efforts to meet them, and your efforts to share Jesus with them.”

On Monday evening August 20 at 7:30PM, Pastor Tom Doyle will be traveling to the Voice of the Martyrs office in Mapo to speak about his experience as a missionary in the Middle East. Interested parties may call the Voice of the Martyrs Korea office at 02-2065-0703 for more information.

Pastor Tom Doyle and his wife JoAnne Doyle, both missionaries to the Middle East, visit the Voice of the Martyrs Korea office.

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