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Voice of the Martyrs Korea is hosting a free training event on how to evangelize Muslim refugees. The event, to be held at the Voice of the Martyrs Korea office on Monday August 13 at 7:30PM, will be led by Pastor Tom Doyle, best-selling author of eight books and full-time missionary to the Middle East for 11 years.

Although Pastor Doyle has been ministering to Muslims for more than eleven years, he understands how scary the thought of interacting with Muslims can be for Christians.

“If the South Korean people are anything like Americans, when immigration started happening our country with people from Iraq and Syria and North Africa, many people were nervous and concerned,” Pastor Doyle explains. “We asked questions like: ‘Will they be terrorists?’ ‘Will they try to kill us?’ ‘Can our government even afford this?’ ‘Will they take our jobs?’”

“I believe that it’s the government’s job to root out the terrorists and the bad people and keep them from coming to our country,” Pastor Doyle adds. “But our job as the church is to fulfill the Great Commission and reach them with the Gospel of Jesus.”

“The Korean church has been sending missionaries to the Middle East for years. But we know that that God loves Muslim refugees and wants to reveal his word to them as well,” Voice of the Martyrs Korea board chair Hyun Sook Foley says. “After seeing so many things on the news about Muslim terrorists and Muslim refugees in Europe, we can become afraid when we see Muslims in our own neighborhood. Pastor Tom Doyle has trained Christians on several continents to reach Muslim refugees. Voice of the Martyrs Korea is excited to bring him to Korea at this important time in our country’s history when a new group of Muslim refugees is reaching our shores.”

Pastor Doyle will be sharing his experience as a missionary in the Middle East and teaching Christians how to evangelize their Muslim neighbors at a special free public event on Monday August 13 at 7:30PM at the Voice of the Martyrs Korea office in Mapo. Pastor Doyle’s best-selling book, Dreams and Visions will also be available for purchase at this event. Interested parties must RSVP at least 24 hours in advance of the event, by contacting Voice of the Martys Korea at 02-2065-0703.

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