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Recently, the influx of Yemeni refugees into Jeju has been addressed by many different news outlets, celebrities, and political parties. One of the perspectives which have largely been ignored, however, is the voice of these refugees.

“We’ve worked with ministry partners in the Middle East for many years,” says Voice of the Martyrs Korea board chair Hyun Sook Foley. “And one thing ministers always tell us is that the global refugee crisis is God’s way of introducing Muslims to his word.”

Yemen, a country whose population is about 99% Muslim, it is highly unlikely to hear the gospel message—especially since the conversion to Christianity from Islam is a crime punishable by death.

“In Yemen, Christian converts face harassment, the possibility of losing their job or their family, and, potentially, death,” board chair Foley explains. “Christians in Yemen must worship secretly in their homes or in small groups outdoors.”

Board chair Foley explains that while the church in Yemen does regularly worship and evangelize, the high density of Muslims in Yemen makes the likelihood of a Muslim hearing Christ’s word from a Christian unlikely.

“This doesn’t mean that most Yemeni people will never hear Christ’s voice at all,” board chair Foley explains. “Our missionary partners explain that several Yemeni people are actually hearing about Jesus from dreams and visions.”

According to board chair Foley, ministry partners in the Middle East report that Muslims come to them with questions about dreams they have of Jesus Christ.

“One missionary in the Middle East even reported that a man would come to him in a vision and tell him to write what the man in the vision told him,” board chair Foley says. “When the man showed the missionary what the vision had him write, the missionary was shocked to see that the man was writing the gospel of John.”

Board chair Foley explains that after Muslims have these dreams, they still need someone to explain to them what they saw. That’s where the global refugee crisis comes in.

“Since they can find no one in their country to explain God’s word to them, God is sending them to us,” board chair Foley explains.

“Often, Christians are frightened of Muslims because we hear about terrorist organizations like ISIS or about Christian persecution in the Middle East,” board chair Foley explains. “But when God sent Paul, a man known for persecuting Christians, to Ananias, Ananias did not run or hide.”

“Christ said to go unto all nations and tell them to obey,” board chair Foley adds, “but because we did not go, he is bringing all nations to us.”

Voice of the Martyrs, a non-profit group that works with persecuted Christians around the world, also has ministry partners in the Middle East. If you are interested in learning more about how to minister to Muslims, you can order Dreams and Visions, a best-selling book about Muslims learning about Christ through dreams and visions, or Mind of Terror, a book for Christians about Islam and terrorism written by former PLO sniper and Christian convert, Pastor Tass Saada, from Voice of the Martyrs by calling 02-2065-0703. If you would like to learn more about Christians in Yemen, you can read Voice of the Martyrs Korea’s country profile by clicking here.

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