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February 13. The debut video from K-Pop’s first openly gay star Holland, which includes a scene of men kissing, was viewed more than one million times on the day of its release. At the time of this writing, the number of views was about 6,400,000. Pastor Eric Foley, CEO of Voice of the Martyrs Korea, says the church must respond quickly, but not with legal battles or protest marches against homosexuality. Instead, Foley contends that the church’s only effective weapons against sexual sin are living examples of fully Christian marriage in every Christian home.

“The Korean church has focused on opposing homosexuality through marches and legislation,” Pastor Foley says. “But the immediate success of Holland’s video shows that this strategy is ineffective and irrelevant.” Instead of being “anti-gay”, Pastor Foley says, the church’s only effective response to videos like Holland’s is to be fully Christian in its approach to relationships and marriage.

“Being fully Christian means understanding that, unlike the Holland video, the purpose of relationships and marriage according to the Bible is not happiness or self-fulfillment but martyrdom,” Pastor Foley says. “We must witness to the love of God in relationships by dying to ourselves and serving our spouses and families with the suffering love of Christ.”

Last year, Pastor Foley spoke to audiences in a training event where he predicted that videos like Holland’s, rather than legal events like changes in the Korean constitution, would be the main means by which homosexuality and the sexual revolution would overtake Korea.

“When a new hairstyle or outfit appears on a Korean drama, it appears all over the streets of Korea the very next day,” Pastor Foley said. “Imagine what will happen the first time in a Korean drama when a homosexual is portrayed as the hero.”

Despite this prediction, Pastor Foley cautions Christians not to turn to the government or legal systems in order to fight the battle against the sexual revolution. Foley says, “The greatest threat to Korean society is not men marrying men or women marrying women. The far greater threat is Korean children failing to learn from us that marriage is not the kind of ‘Neverland’ that Holland sings about in his video. Instead, marriage is a lived illustration of Christ’s sacrificial love.”

Foley adds, “As Christians, we must repent for watering down the definition of marriage to being nothing more than a personally fulfilling legal union between a man and a woman.”

“Korean society is in the state it is in because the Korean church has neglected what should be the first church of every Christian: the family, (The reason Korean society is in this present situation where videos like this are so popular is because the Korean church has not focused on buildings families as churches. The family should be the first (i.e., primary, most important) church of every Christian.)” Pastor Foley says. “No amount of protest marches or legal lobbying against homosexuality can take the place of us teaching and modeling for Korean children that marriage is about martyrdom, not self-fulfillment. Millions of Korean children have now seen the Holland video once or twice. But each day Korean children also see their parents, and we should be modeling for them daily what real Christian relationships look like: the cross of Christ, borne in patient, persistent, daily love and sacrifice for each other. If we live like that, it will attract their attention and respect more than any homosexual video.”

Pastor Foley has written and recorded several free training materials to help the church respond to homosexuality and the sexual revolution through fully Christian marriage. His free Voice of the Martyrs Korea training event entitled Preparing the Underground Church training is available online. Readers may also contact Voice of the Martyrs to purchase copies of Pastor Foley’s three-volume Underground Church series, which advocates the church responding to the Sexual Revolution by being fully Christian, not anti-gay.

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