Prayer Partner Update


Prayer Partner Update

Prayer Requests

Important Prayer Requests

Praise – We thank the Lord for over sixty pastors and church leaders who attended our recent training on Preparing for the Underground Church at our office in February.

Week of 03/05

  1. Our North Korean training schools started in February with 40 students. This is our largest enrollment yet! Please pray that our most senior students will do a good job of mentoring and caring for the brand-new students.
  2. Please pray for NK woman, K who lives in NE China. K was sold to China ten years ago and she is living with Han Chinese husband and has one daughter. Her husband has mental illness so he cannot live normal life. Also K is living with her parents in law. Meanwhile, K heard about the Gospel by chance and became to know God. At first, she just learned the word of God as following the money but now she decided to follow only the word of God not money. And She invited VOMK partner to her home and had time to worship together with her family members. After the worship her parents in law took out all the pictures and statues of idols in the home and burned those out. After the day, this family regularly worship God at their home. Please pray God to be a master of her home and open the way for her husband to work for the family. 

(Iran) – Pray for Martyr Haik Hovsepian’s family as they continue the ministry of their father through Hovsepian Ministries. Pray that the hearts of Iranians would be open to hear God’s word as it is preached through the media ministries of Hovsepian Ministries and other Iranian ministry organizations like theirs (222 Ministries, etc.).

Week of 03/12

  1. Please pray for a blind Chinese man that is serving Christ in central China. He became blind by accident, but the Lord used his blindness to completely change his heart and now the Lord is using him to share the gospel with others.
  2. Please pray for NK workers who start to have faith of listening the words of God and praising songs through MP3 players. Many NK workers who are in Russia and China, they are exploited by NK government and live in the terrible condition. They must return back 80% of their salary to NK government, so actually it is not possible for them to save any money for their family and spend some money for themselves. VOMK distributes MP3 players including the word of God and praising songs to NK workers who lost the hope and joy in their life. And VOMK can many testimonies from them to be changed their life and started to have hope for their life. Please continue to pray for those NK workers to believe God as their savior and have hope from God and live in his eternal hope given by God even in their terrible situation.  

(Laos) – Pray for persecuted believers in Laos to be faithful to make disciples despite persecution, especially economic persecution. Pray for the pastors who have resigned their lives to serve the Lord and without much worldly benefit to continue firmly in their commitment.

Week of 03/19

  1. Pray for wisdom for NK missions work that takes place in China. Recently a SK missions organization mass-distributed Christian literature to a factory with NKs working in it. Because of this, the police have taken notice and now it is nearly impossible to do ministry in this area.

(Sudan) – Pray for Sudanese Christians to be faithful despite political persecution under a government which seeks even to prevent missionaries from giving any sort of aid. Pray for Peter Jasek (given a lifelong prison sentence) and his two co-workers (given 12-year long sentences) who were convicted by the government as a result of doing Christian aid work. Pray that, as they had been faithful outside of prison, that they may continue to be faithful in their new sphere of influence.

Week of 03/26

  1. Please pray for North Koreans who hear the gospel for the first time through our MP3 players. Many of these NKs work in China and Russia, but they are exploited by the NK government through terrible working conditions. VOMK distributes MP3 players that include hymns and the Bible to these NKs.

(Bhutan) – Pray for Christians in Bhutan who are smuggling Bibles into the country. A Bhutanese man said “It is only the word of God that gives us strength.” Pray for Bhutanese Christians to be strengthened by God’s word to bear Christ’s message to and despite the authorities who persecute them.

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