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Voice of the Martyrs Korea, in an effort to fulfill its calling to serve and learn from persecuted Christians, seeks to make resources available so that the Church may learn from the purified faith and teaching of these believers. By presenting this teaching to the Church, VOMK may truly be a “Voice of the Martyrs.” View the descriptions below to learn more about these resources and how to purchase them.

Living in the Underground Church

For Christianity to continue to survive and advance into the next, more hostile and restrictive generation in Korea, it must return to the practices of the very first generation of Korean Christians. These first generation Korean Christians did not simply read the Bible as one of many Christian activities in their life. Reading the Bible was their life. For them, sagyeonghoe (bible examination meeting) was a daily event engaged in by each Korean Christian as they attempted to make their way through this “strange new world of the Bible” they had entered. What does it mean to be a Christian living in the underground church? It means that life becomes sagyeonghoe. It means that we read aloud, memorizing the Bible texts and reciting them, and then following their teaching literally in daily ethics, moral conduct, and matters of socio-political principle. It means that we undertake this single task as the length and breadth of our Christian life, with the same intensity, focus, abandonment, and allegiance to God as did the earliest Korean Christians. The purpose of this book is to provide a simple method for living that life, which, as we will see, always leads one perpendicular to the world and thus, inevitably, underground.

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Planting the Underground Church

For churches in Korea and the free world, there have been many advantages to growing as large, as centralized, and as professionalized as possible. This model has powered the growth of the church for decades.

Large, centralized, and professionalized churches were well suited to prosper in the prior age, but they are poorly suited to survive the present one. The purpose of this book is to help pastors, church leaders, and ordinary Christians plant underground churches and transition existing churches underground. The book consists of twelve principles that have enabled underground Christians for centuries to advance the faith in the midst of serious opposition. Action steps for church planters and existing church leaders follow each principle.

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Preparing for the Underground Church

Hostility toward the church in the free world was predicted more than 40 years ago by Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of the Voice of the Martyrs. He wrote Preparing for the Underground Church to help the church prepare for the difficulties that are beginning to come upon it here in Korea. Rev. Foley’s introductory essay shows how Rev. Wurmbrand’s insights are especially applicable to Korean Christians today.

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These Are the Generations

In 1907, the Pyongyang Revival brought an explosion of Christianity to Northern Korea. Missionary William Blair proclaimed “great oceans of prayer beating against the throne of God.” Fifty years later those oceans evaporated under the searing persecution of North Korea, but a few tiny streams tricked on. This is the story of how one North Korean family received and passed on the gospel from generation to generation, through labor camps, prisons, interrogations, and the greatest challenge of all—everyday life in North Korea.

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The Whole Life Offering

What does it look like to grow to full maturity in Christ? Is it even possible?

And Ephesians 2 aside, is it even what God wants?

In The Whole Life Offering, Rev. Eric Foley navigates the deep waters of Scripture, Christian history and Protestant theology in order to answer in the affirmative. The Whole Life Offering is a grace-drenched discipleship method that shows that growing to full maturity in Christ isn’t only possible; it is God’s intended purpose for every Christian, right here on earth in the midst of everyday life.

Rev. Foley guides the reader through ten Biblical causes –called “Works of Mercy” by Christians from the early church on up through John Wesley– that each Christian is called to mirror into the world. He demonstrates how seven spiritual disciplines – called “Works of Piety” by the church throughout the ages– anchor our Works of Mercy in God’s original Works of Mercy toward us so that we become image-bearing, grace-grounded icons of God’s philanthropy. We find not only what we should be doing in order to love our neighbors, but how to do it to the glory and praise of God. Christians are, as Rev. Foley demonstrates with theological precision and artful prose, mirrors reflecting out to the rest of the world the grace shown to us.

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30 Days of Prayer for North Korea

There is no other country like North Korea.  The people there dedicate everything that they have to their idols.  They exist to worship Il-Sung Kim and his son, Jung-Il Kim.

However, God, who has said, "I will not give my glory to another or my praise to idols," has begun to bring down the images of the North Korean community and reveal the knowledge of God.  Now, very many North Koreans know and serve God.  Although the exact figure cannot be determined, the number is thought to be at least 100-200 thousand.  God did this in a little more than 10 years in an utterly closed country, once declared to have not a single Christian within.  Much effort and many ears of many intercessory prayers are behind this history.  God listened when people prayed, "Oh let the Gospel enter North Korea, and let the people in North Korea hear it!"

There have always been those who cried for North Korea.

Even now, God is looking for people to continue this intercessory ministry with tears and compassion.  Moreover, it is of crucial importance that we understand the facts of North Korea better as well as God's will - through the Bible - in order for our prayers to stay within His plan and not the plans of men.

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Tortured for Christ

Richard Wurmbrand, whose body bore the scars of fourteen years of torture and suffering in a Communist prison, witnessed the indomitable courage and persistent faith of persecuted Christian believers.

Torn from their loved ones, battered and beaten in body but not in spirit, their examples of Christian faith continue to encourage believers everywhere.

Copies of Tortured for Christ may be purchased from The Voice of the Martyrs by clicking here.

Coach Your Champions

Is your Christian nonprofit or church struggling financially? Do you find yourself saying, "If only we could find a few more givers with deep pockets to help us make budget?" It's an understandable sentiment. But the Bible holds a totally different approach to major donor development - one completely counter to the secular fundraising approach ministries have been taught they must practice. In this nuts and bolts nonprofit fable, you'll learn how: -God has already sent your organization all the major donors you need. -Major donors are about more than big gifts; they're champions awaiting your coaching to make a comprehensive difference in your cause. -Each and every person who comes to your ministry is sent as a gift and challenge from God - and God is holding you accountable to grow each one to their fullest potential. As you set aside the secular shackles you've unwittingly placed on your Christian development program, you'll lower the barriers to meaningful involvement in your cause while raising the bar for what you can expect from your ministry's champions - all while having a lot more fun in fundraising.

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Restricted Nations: Iran

“I would rather have the whole world against me, but know that the Almighty God is with me. I would rather be called an apostate, but know that I have the approval of the God of glory…” – Mehdi Dibaj, martyred in 1994

Iran’s fanaticism has echoed throughout Christianity’s presence in the ancient kingdom once known as Persia—from fourth-century Zoroastrians claiming Christians were destroying their teachings, to Ayatolah Ruhollah Khomeini’s threat to throw those who oppose his agenda into a dustbin of death during the twentieth century. Yet such words of hate have caused many to ask, Is this all there is?

Sometimes Christians were friends of Iran’s shahs (Persian for “king”) and sometimes they were foes. Many have faced high taxes, prison, and even death for refusing to turn their backs on their Savior. At times they were valiant and courageous; but there was a time when the church was marginalized, confined to its own community. Believers chose safety and survival over sharing the gospel and risking death.

Today, many Muslims in Iran—part of the “axis of evil”—are finding hope in the Person of Jesus Christ. And they’re meeting Him because many are risking physical death to give Muslims the opportunity to experience eternal life.

This is the story of courage and triumph in the face of physical torture and even death. As you read, may you refuse to let your faith become marginalized, even mediocre, in a world that needs to hear the hope that Jesus has to offer!

Copies of Restricted Nations: Iran may be purchased from The Voice of the Martyrs by clicking here.

Restricted Nations: Eritrea

“The soldiers told us to quit that religion or else we would be in prison our entire life”

Eritrea, a young country, has had a troubled and violent history. When the nation achieved independence from Ethiopia in the early 1990’s, the country’s deliverers soon became despots—dismantling freedoms and making Eritrea one of the most closed nations on earth today.

In the midst of crackdowns and unrest, Christians in Eritrea continue to serve Christ and share the Good News. For this “crime,” thousands of believers are imprisoned and detained without charge in underground cells and metal shipping containers, where they endure the most deplorable of conditions. Yet, despite this opposition, the church has not been silenced.

This book provides a brief overview of the persecution that Christians in Eritrea have endured in the past and gives a glimpse of the trials they face today. Weaving historical accounts with modern-day testimonies, these pages will challenge you to share in the sufferings of Christians in Eritrea and inspire you to serve Christ boldly, unashamed of the testimony of our Lord [2 Timothy 1:8]

Copies of Restricted Nations: Eritrea may be purchased from The Voice of the Martyrs by clicking here.