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“How Can I Pray for North Korea This Month?” – September

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  • Praise – We’ve launched 27,000 bibles into North Korea so far in 2017! We praise God for good weather and for the South Korean government’s cooperation with our launches.
  1. We desire to launch 10,000 more Bibles into North Korea in September. Please pray for good winds to direct the balloons to North Korea.
  2. Please pray for seven North Korean women, in China, who were recently taken into custody by the Chinese security police while they were worshipping. Please pray that these women can be quickly released and not be sent back to North Korea.
  3. Dr. Kenneth Wells, a Korean Church historian will visit VOM Korea this month. His research on early Korean Christian martyrs is so important for both North Koreans and South Koreans to hear. Please pray for open ears and open hearts to his message.
  4. We recently published a large-print NK study Bible, because most North Koreans’ eyesight is very poor. Pray that this Bible can be distributed to North Koreans who need to know the truth of Jesus Christ.

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