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“How Can I Pray for North Korea This Month?” – October

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  • Praise – We’ve launched almost 40,000 bibles into North Korea and completed our balloon launching for 2017.
  1. Please continue to pray, according to Isaiah 55:10-13, for each and every North Korean who found one of the 40,000 Bibles that we sent.
  2. Please pray for the development of a North Korean Bible app that can be accessed by NKs, both inside and outside of North Korea.
  3. One of our UU graduates has decided to go to China and serve as a missionary. Please pray for her as she reaches out to NKs in China. Also pray for our current UU students as they see her example of faithfulness and sacrifice.
  4. Please pray for a former NK “38” soldier who served at the DMZ. He recently defected by crossing the DMZ, an almost impossible feat. He feels called to the ministry, in part because of a Bible that he found while still in North Korea.
  5. We are preparing to publish Living in the Underground Church, the third book in a series designed to prepare the church to fully live the Christian life despite growing persecution. Please pray for the hearts of Korean readers to be opened to the truth of God’s word.

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