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“How Can I Pray for North Korea This Month?” – November

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  • Praise – We praise the Lord for the launch of our new book, Living in the Underground Church. This is the third book in our Underground Church book series.
  • Please pray for two brand-new North Koreans who have joined Underground Technology – a personal discipleship school for North Korean defectors in South Korea. We first met these two North Koreans in China when we gave them a North Korean Bible. We lost contact with them after they undertook the long journey to South Korea, but as soon as they entered South Korea they found us because our contact information was in the Bible we had given them. They had cherished the Bible during their long trip and remembered the ladies (UU students) who had given it to them. Please pray that these North Koreans would grow in their knowledge and love of God as they progress through Underground Technology.
  • Please pray for Mrs. Lee who just underwent surgery in South Korea. Like so many NK defectors in SK, Mrs. Lee is alone. She told us about her younger sibling who had left NK, but got caught in the process and she told us about her son and that she didn’t know if he was dead or alive. She has had to deal with these terrible pains all by herself. When we prayed with her she started to cry and cry. She also used that opportunity to express her belief in God.
  • VOMK distributes MP3 players and living necessities to NK people in China and North Korea. Through this ministry, many North Koreans could hear the Gospel and came to know God. Recently one of the North Koreans that heard God’s word began to share it with his neighbors. As a result of this they began to take care of NK street kids in NK. With their own money they shared food and clothes with the kids. Pray that they would continue to be faithful to God in caring for these street kids.
  • Please pray for all of the North Koreans who have been deceived by various cults in South Korea. They promise the defectors money to come to their cult and once they have started attending, they get false teaching about Jesus. The cults are also very controlling and often the North Koreans are not allowed to talk to others or engage in activities outside of the cult group.

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