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“How Can I Pray for North Korea This Month?” – July

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Praise – We have just received over 3,000 large-print NK Full Study Bibles! We will begin to distribute to NKs right away.

1 Please pray for our teams from the UK, the Netherlands and Finland as they join together in NK ministry with us and our students.

2  Please pray for our balloon launches which have already begun! Please pray for the quality and the durability of our balloons—our “aerial missionaries”.

3 – We distribute high-quality “Action Bibles” (comic book Bibles) for free to NK children and to low-literacy NK people in China. Please pray for each person who receives one of these special Bibles, that their spiritual eyes will be opened by the unusual presentation.

4 – Pray for the distribution of the large-print NK Full Study Bible. We will distribute all over SK, China, Russia and wherever NKs are found. Some NKs study using this Bible and memorize as much as possible before returning to NK—pray for their memory!

5 - Please pray for Deacon K who has been imprisoned, interrogated, and tortured in NK for almost three years. His mother died of worry and a broken heart during his captivity. VOM Korea has been supporting his family. Please pray for his release and his family’s health.

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