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“How Can I Pray for North Korea This Month?” – December

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  • Praise – We praise the Lord for over 10,000 orange balloons (in our sea and river launches) that were launched in the last month! The orange balloons have Genesis 1-11 printed on them.
  • Week of 12/03 – Please pray for our brand-new Covenant Renewal service held daily in Seoul at 6am. Every day we are sharing the sermons of the early Korean Christians and sharing in the Lord’s Supper from the very spot where one of those Christians (Kim Kyo Shin) faithfully prayed. It is outside and that spot is now right under an overpass! These services will be broadcast on the radio in North Korea, China and South Korea and will also be available on Facebook and Youtube. We believe that revival for the church won’t come from new styles of worship or state of the art facilities, but rather listening to the voice of the martyrs throughout the centuries including those martyrs from Korea.
  • Week of 12/10 – This week we are taking a group of North Koreans on a leadership retreat. These North Koreans are graduates of our Underground University (UU) program and are currently serving as interns in both our Underground Technology (UT) School and UU. Leadership is a foreign concept in North Korea, as there is presently only one leader in North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. Please pray that God would open their hearts to the truth that he can use their lives to touch the lives of many other North Koreans.
  • Week of 12/17 - North Korea sends workers all over the world. Recently, we were able to meet one of those workers in Russia. He has been working as a laborer for ten years in terrible conditions. He hasn’t seen his family in Pyongyang for nearly five years. When we met him and served him NK style food, he was almost crying, sharing that as a result of our visit he felt like he came to his hometown. We sensed that both physically and spiritually he is like a skeleton. Please pray for God’s grace and mercy to be poured out upon this man.
  • Week of 12/24 - VOM K recently held a marriage training for five married couples. Each couple consists of a Han Chinese man and a North Korean woman. Most of these women were sold to these men. During this training, many of the husband’s hearts were opened to God and they showed this open heart by appreciating their wives more. These almost broken families became restored in the presence of God. The new faith of these families is very evident now as they are regularly reading their Bibles and worshiping together. Please pray that these five families become good a good example to other Chinese/NK families.
  • Week of 12/31 – Please pray for all the different ministry programs of VOM Korea. This is the time of year where each project is planned for and prayed over including the North Korean training schools, balloons, NK and China radio, and our NK ministry in China, Russia, and Thailand.

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