Women’s Discipleship Training


Women’s Discipleship Training

EST has had a hole in her lung for many years. Even when sitting down, breathing is very painful for her. But EST is very reluctant to go to a doctor. This isn’t because EST is afraid that the doctor will tell her something that EST doesn’t want to hear. It’s because EST has been taught that she isn’t worth a trip to the doctor.

EST is a woman who was sex trafficked and sold to a Chinese man. Because EST was bought like a piece of property, EST’s new family treats her like property. EST’s father and mother-in-law are more than willing to spend money when their son is sick, but they refuse to spend a dime when EST falls ill.

The hole is EST’s lungs did not happen because EST has mistreated her body. The hole in EST’s lungs happened because EST had several chronic illnesses that were left untreated. And EST isn’t the only one.

We’ve met several North Korean women in the field who suffer from debilitating diseases and/or day to day medical needs. These women care for their husbands, their children, and their usually elderly in-laws. But when these women become sick, no one stands up to help them.

There is good news: Even though North Korean women are sold as sex slaves, they are becoming not only faithful and caring mothers but also Gods great disciples. They evangelize and teach their children the Bible and Gospel songs. Also VOMK equips them to go and reach out to more North Korean women in the same situation, for the sake of the Gospel. So they have become frontline workers, evangelizing and discipling and planting house churches wherever North Korean women have been sold into slavery. Most of them remain in contact with their families or relatives inside North Korea. They are part of Gods plan to be used for his kingdom.

Their roles are significant in the Kingdom of God. Some of their Han Chinese husbands have accepted Christ and brought all the Buddha statues out of their homes and broke them to pieces by trampling them underfoot. Hallelujah! These great works have been done by women who had been sold as sex slaves.

Please pray for them to be equipped to be Gods frontline workers.

Partner with us to give North Korean women physical and spiritual refreshment, worship, fellowship and Bible teaching.