Ministry Packs


Ministry Packs

Who do we give the ministry packs to?

When North Korean men and women are sent by their government to other countries for temporary (typically one to three year) work assignments designed to raise hard currency for the regime, there is a window of opportunity to introduce them to the one true God. As foreigners in a strange land, they are allowed very limited contact with their families and are often given dismal accommodations and dangerous work assignments. Voice of the Martyrs Korea distributes ministry packs to North Koreans working in foreign nations. Many of these packs are then taken back into North Korea!

What's in a Ministry Pack?

Ministry packs contain basic necessities customized to the location. Some packs contain hygiene supplies, undergarments, socks, and rice or noodles. Others contain shoes and jackets and even work tools. The packs also include the gospel in the form of a tract, New Testament, or other Gospel-sharing resource, such as The Story of Jesus, a visual depiction of Bible stories, in the North Korean dialect.

Even though North Korean workers are often cold, hungry, and poorly provisioned, they will refuse the packs if we try to give them out in public. They say, “Our nation is a paradise, and our great leader has supplied us with everything we need!” So our outreach teams must prayerfully strategize where and how best to get the packs to the workers privately in ways that don’t place them in danger with their government.

Do you do any evangelism or discipleship with the Packs?

Our strategy is to give the packs to specific people rather than mass distribute them. Recently we were able to distribute ministry packs inside of North Korea to North Koreans who had stayed at our base about 10 years ago. When they visited our base, they were only teenagers, but even at such a young age they dedicated themselves to God. Since that time they have been trying to keep their faith alive in North, and as you can imagine the ministry packs were a great encouragement to them.

Do you see how discipleship is connected? For us, the packs aren’t simply an opportunity to distribute physical aid, but rather an opportunity to help someone grow in God . . . either by distributing the pack or by receiving it!

Partner with us to share the love of Christ to North Korean workers through ministry packs.