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 Pastor Tom Doyle, the CEO of Uncharted (a ministry to persecuted Christians, and VOM Korea’s Middle East partner), comes to VOM Korea to speak about the new Korean language publication of his international best-seller, Dreams and Visions.

Although the Middle East is best known for its extremists and terrorists, Pastor Tom Doyle, best-selling author of eight books and a full-time missionary to the Middle East and Central Asia for 11 years, knows of a phenomenon more explosive than any bomb is currently shaking the region.

“What we see is Jesus presenting Himself to Muslims everywhere through dreams and visions,” Pastor Doyle explains in his best-selling book, Dreams and Visions. “Dozens of Islamic countries and countless Muslim cultures have been invaded by Jesus’ love.”

Despite living in a culture where converting to Christianity mean persecution (or even execution), many Muslims are inspired by these dreams to accept Christ as their Lord and savior, without ever even having met a missionary, read a Bible, or gone to church. Dreams and Visions is Pastor Doyle’s attempt to share the stories of several Christian converts in the Middle East with the global Christian community.

After its release in America, Dreams and Visions not only became a best-seller but fundamentally changed the way Christians saw their Muslim brothers and sisters in Christ. It’s not just a book about dreams and visions of Christ, but about the reality of God’s movement in the Middle East.

“Sometimes we Korean Christians can be frightened by a woman wearing a hijab or a man speaking Arabic, but Pastor Doyle’s book reminds us that we have nothing to fear,” said the Rev. Dr. Hyun Sook Foley, President of Voice of the Martyrs. “God has given us a spirit of courage and not a spirit of fear—and we can see this spirit in the lives of our persecuted brothers and sisters in the Middle East.”

To celebrate VOMK’s recent publication of his book into Korean, Pastor Doyle will be sharing his experience as a missionary in the Middle East at a special free public event on Monday January 29 at 7:30PM at the Voice of the Martyrs office in Mapo. Dreams and Visions will also be available at this event for a suggested donation.

Pastor Tom Doyle Biography

Pastor Tom Doyle graduated from Biola College in 1979 and Dallas Theological Seminary in 1983, and is a licensed guide for the State of Israel with over 70 trips. After pastoring churches in Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico for 20 years, he became the Middle East director for e3 Partners/I Am Second. He presently serves as the Founder and President of his own ministry to the Middle East called Uncharted. His wife of 37 years, JoAnn, serves with him as the director of Not Forgotten, a ministry to women of the Middle East. They have six children and four grandchildren and are praying for about 20 more! Tom has written 8 books including the best sellers: Dreams and Visions: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?, Standing in the Fire: Courageous Christians Living in Frightening Times, and Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where it is Not Safe to Believe.