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Petr Jasek, Voice of the Martyr’s Africa regional director, comes to VOM Korea to share about his 445 day long prison sentence in Sudan and the IS sympathizers who persecuted him while in prison.

On January 29th, Voice of the Martyr’s Africa regional director, Petr Jasek, learned that his four-day mission trip to Sudan would be extended indefinitely after he was arrested on suspicion of “espionage.”

Jasek had travelled to Sudan many times over the years in order to help persecuted Christians in the region. But on this occasion, while there he was given first-hand insight into the plight of these persecuted Christians: The Sudanese government arrested Jasek and sentenced him to life in prison.

As if prison weren’t bad enough, Jasek found himself sharing a cell with IS sympathizers. These cellmates maligned Jasek, beat him, and even demanded his wedding ring as Jizya, a tax required of any Christian living among Muslims.

“The more I glorified God and refused to retaliate, the more violent they became,” Jasek recalled.

“Surprisingly, it was the time that the most violently assaulted me, that I felt the greatest peace. During that time, I prayed.”

After spending more than 445 days in prison, Jasek was pardoned from his life sentence by Sudanese president Omar Al Bashir. He is using his newfound freedom to raise awareness for the challenges still being faced by Sudanese Christians.

“For years Petr Jasek travelled into Sudan to stand with the Sudanese church in their suffering, and God honored him by letting him suffer with them in prison,” said the Rev. Dr. Hyun Sook Foley, President of Voice of the Martyrs. “Now God has released Jasek from prison to be the voice of the Sudanese church, a voice that the global church has not yet heard. As their Korean brothers and sisters, we should listen carefully to what they have to tell us, and we should be prepared to help the Christians of Sudan.”

On Monday February 12 at 7:30PM in the Voice of the Martyrs office in Mapo, Petr Jasek will share his experiences with the Sudanese church—both inside and outside of prison. He will also share about his persecution at the hands of Muslim jihadists in prison.

A press conference will be held at the Voice of the Martyrs office on Thursday February 8 at 10:30AM to introduce Petr Jasek and enable reporters to interview him. At the press conference Voice of the Martyrs will be distributing PPTS and further information about Jasek’s experience. Pre-registration for the press conference by phone or email is required.

Petr Jasek Biography

Growing up in the communist precursor to Czech Republic, Petr Jasek was no stranger to persecution. Once, Jasek returned home from school to find both of his parents, both strong Christians, missing. They had been arrested and interrogated by the secret police.

Jasek studied analytical and physical chemistry, postgraduated in clinical chemistry, hematology and blood transfusion. Ten years he worked as a hospital director.

He has been involved in helping the persecuted Christians around the world since the beginning of the 1990’s. In 1992 he co-founded the Czech branch of the Voice of the Martyrs. Since 2002 he has worked full time for the VOM USA.

Petr is married and has got two adult children.

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