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*Farrah Means “happiness” in Arabic. “But I was not happy, and my husband used to beat me. He would throw dinner in the trash that I spent hours on and say he hated it and then pronounce and Islamic curse over me. I was depressed and gloomy all the time. The beatings got worse.”

Farrah lives in Jordan and comes from a traditional Muslim background.

“But when I met Jesus, everything about me changed. My personality was the first thing transformed. I smiled continually, and I was filled with joy and hope. I truly found happiness in Jesus. Baptism is what Jesus called us to do and I knew my husband and family might kill me if they found out, but Jesus took away my fears. After I was baptized, I didn’t want to change my clothes even though they were soaking wet. The clothes felt holy to me and so I put my dress clothes on over them!


“My husband beat me one night and I told him that he could not do that anymore because I was a Christian. I spoke with authority and stood up to him and it shocked him. He hasn’t touched me since then. Jesus is protecting me. Now my husband is meeting with someone who is telling him all about Jesus!”

Farrah celebrated the Lord’s Supper for the first time this month! This is an actual picture of her taken from behind for security.

“Would you pray for my husband? I have forgiven him, and I want him to know Jesus!”

Farrah’s husband Mohammad is meeting with Jordanian men who are believers and he is getting close to giving his life to Christ! He loves coming home because of the love he feels in the home and because Farrah’s face shines with joy all over it. She cleans the house and even loves the food she cooks now.