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BACKGROUND: Tourists are welcome in this poor island nation located off the East African coast. Its densely packed population is a mix of Arabs, Persians, Indonesians, Africans and Indians. With few job opportunities, many Comorians try to leave the country. Because of extreme poverty and lack of opportunities, Comoros is a major source of human trafficking.

MAJOR RELIGION: Nearly 99 percent of Comorians are Muslim.

PERSECUTOR: Anyone who leaves Islam is heavily persecuted by family members and the government.

WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A CHRISTIAN IN COMOROS: In such a small nation, everyone knows what everyone else is doing. Foreigners are allowed freedom of religion, but not Comorians. For them, conversion from Islam is illegal. So is proselytizing. The environment is oppressive for Christian converts, and Christians must meet underground.


VOM WORK: VOM uses creative methods to share the gospel secretly.

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