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Bodies of Chinese Missionaries are Found and are Being Returned to China

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Figure 1 - Martyred Chinese Missionaries Mr. Li Xinheng and Ms. Meng Lisi

VOM Korea’s official China partner, ChinaAid reports the ashes of the two Chinese martyrs who were killed in Pakistan are about to be brought back to two martyrs families after more than five months’ waiting.

The two Chinese martyrs, Ms Meng Lisi(26 yrs old) and Mr Li Xinheng(24 yrs old) were killed by ISIS five months ago in Pakistan. They are perhaps the first two Chinese Martyrs for the nation of Pakistan in over two and a half centuries since Protestantism entered into China. All Chinese Christians should take pride for them since it symbolizes for the first time China has become a mission sending nation instead of mission receiving nation since 1807.

Since ISIS militants killed Li Xinheng and Meng Lisi in Pakistan, where they served as missionaries, their families have been waiting for officials to find their bodies and confirm their deaths. The abductors shoved the pair into a car along with a third victim, a female missionary who they later ejected from the vehicle due to a lack of space. She survived, but Meng and Li went missing for weeks, only to resurface weeks later in video footage that brutally shows their alleged murders. 

In September, the families learned that authorities found two bodies.

“We are greatly grieved,” Li’s parents said. “We are not able to go to Pakistan to deal with all the follow-up issues. We authorize the Chinese embassy in Pakistan and the Chinese consulate in Karachi, so that they may have the full rights to deal with all the issues concerning our son’s body and everything related and bring his ashes back to us.”

Despite the international outrage stirred by their capture and subsequent deaths, the Chinese government failed to investigate or lend the Pakistani government assistance with their rescue efforts. Instead, the Communist Party turned scrutinizing eyes on two churches thought to be affiliated with Meng and Li. One of them, a Korean church that runs a school devoted to training prospective missionaries to Muslim countries in the various aspects of religion, history, and culture, received blame for their role in helping the two victims. Both churches have been under extensive pressure, and four Christians were summoned for interrogation. Additionally, all Christians who held important positions were placed under surveillance, and two church members, identified only as Uncle Z and Brother W, were detained for several days. 

As the Chinese government spread propaganda demeaning the two martyrs and investigated their relatives, churches excommunicated their families.

VOM Korea and ChinaAid expose abuses, such as those suffered by Li and Meng and their families, in order to stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians and promote religious freedom, human rights, and rule of law.

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