FAQ - Evangelism?


FAQ - Evangelism?

I Understand that VOM Korea Only Does Evangelism and Discipleship. Is That Really a Comprehensive Solution? 

Perhaps God has put North Korea on your heart but you are confused about the best way to help. Here are some questions we frequently receive at VOM Korea, along with our most heartfelt and deeply researched guidance in response.

You are absolutely correct that 100 percent of VOM Korea's work is evangelism and discipleship in support of the North Korean underground church. In order to understand the undisputed and unapologetic focus we give to gospel work, it’s worth considering why the North Korean government considers evangelism and discipleship to be the most heinous crimes that can ever be committed against the state. As we share in the book These are the Generations, North Korea is the only state in the history of the world whose founding ideology is an intentional distortion of the Christian message. When North Koreans encounter the gospel for the first time, they universally have the same response: Why are you copying our ideology? Only Christianity can unmask Juche (the officially ideology of the North Korean state) as the absolute fraud that it is.

This is why evangelism and discipleship are more radical than human rights work and humanitarian aid—and why they are thus regarded as more dangerous by the North Korean state. Juche teaches that North Koreans are “living bombs” whose purpose in life is to protect the Kim family. Until they come to understand that the One True God does not ask for their sacrifice but instead sacrifices his life for them, no amount of human rights information and humanitarian aid can set them free from the mental prison in which they are born.


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