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How to be as Free as a North Korean Underground Christian

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John 8:31-36

A little over a hundred years ago, Pyongyang was the site of a revival so large that Pyongyang came to be known as the Jerusalem of the East. The revival came in January 1907 during a prayer meeting at what was then the largest church in Korea, the First Church of Pyongyang.

William Blair, a missionary who was at that prayer meeting, said,

The prayer sounded to me like the falling of many waters, an ocean of prayer beating against God's throne.

Today the “ocean of prayer” has become a tiny underground stream. Pyongyang is no longer known as the Jerusalem of the East. Instead, it’s infamous as the leading persecutor of Christians on the planet.

But the truth is, a hundred years after the Pyongyang Revival, North Korea is still the most religious place on earth. It’s just that the religion has changed—from Christianity to Juche.

Want to know how? Watch this week’s video to find out.

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