Church is for Amateurs


Church is for Amateurs







Church is for amateurs. 

That’s the lesson that the Rev. Eric Foley learned from ruthless North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, who is not known for contributing anything to Christianity other than persecution. But according to Foley, CEO of VOM Korea and author of Church is for Amateurs: A Guide for “Fourth Order” Christians like You on How to Plant and Lead a Lay Church, it’s that relentless persecution that caused Foley to develop a new strategy of church planting that he is bringing from his work with North Koreans to unpersecuted Christians in the rest of the world.

Foley planted churches in the United States and South Korea using what he calls “persecuted church principles for the free world.” After frequent inquiries from intrigued onlookers, he compiled the lessons he had learned into a twelve-point strategy he says is designed to make it possible for committed lay Christians to plant a thriving church—one without buildings, pastors, weekly offerings, and musical instruments, where members learn how to become “living Bibles” by memorizing Scripture rather than relying on printed literature.

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